Welcome to Tree Tops Riverview Resort , Corbett , India

Tree Tops Riverview Resort

Nestling in the natural beauty of the wilds, situated in the splendid valley of Merchula, on the banks of Ramganga river, Tree Tops Riverview is a fairytale luxury jungle resort on the edge of the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. Drive from Ramnagar to Marchula where Tree Tops revierview resort is situated in itself is full of thrills of jungle safari and offers breathtaking view of  the forest and mountain ranges. For all adventurous and nature lovers, this drive is must if you truly want to experience Jim Corbett Tiger reserve.   The resort setting is picture-perfect, spacious rooms, rich furnishings complemented by spectacular views of mountain ranges, panoramic valleys and ramganga river make the rooms & cottages very special retreats.  This fairytale resort offers a tranquil sanctuary and presents a picture of breathtaking natural beauty in Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve.


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